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What if the product I ordered is defective, incorrect or damaged?




  • Bernita J. Armstrong

    Where do you return the merchandise? 


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  • David G Leinbach

    I am a disabled Army veteran purchase a USB type-c cable Macbeth collection with Sparkle Fabric VCS price $6.99 from the Philadelphia VCS, the cable shorted out and damaged my Samsung Galaxy S9 a $1,000 phone when I went to return the cable I was told to "Hit the pike" I had a receipt the cable the original box. Used for 3 months,purchased in December 2019 it is warrantied for one year there is no valid email address or phone # on the box now all I'm asking for is my money or an exchange they gave me nothing, 0 nada.!.!
    So I am now contacting you for my refund or exchange, nice way to treat Veteran consumer of your products.

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